Tips for people who have poor Twitter Following

If you are rich enough to buy a subscription from twitter management services or if you are some sort of twitter celebrity with a significant number of followers, then please don’t waste your time. This post is not for you. It is for an underdog who has no money to spend on automation and has no footing on the platform.

A few days back I decided to revive a twitter handle which was inactive for over a year. Here is the list of free no brainer tricks that I used:

Get a DP. No egg, please.


Be it a budding brand or a newbie tweeter, just make sure that DP conveys what the twitter handle is for. The same logic goes for twitter header. Personalization is important. Write a meaningful bio with hashtags to let people discover you at Twitter. Prefer a headshot DP if you are looking to make a brand of yourself.

Get a list of sources from where you gather information to tweet


You can’t keep posting about normal chores, your embarrassing selfies and good morning quotes; unless you are Kylie Jenner. There has to be some good third party information, which has an audience wanting to consume it. Enter these sources to RSS tools like Feedly. You will get a self populated list of content for social media.

Get your handle semi-automated for free


I use IFTTT to keep my twitter buzzing through out the day. It is an amazing tool which just vanishes the drudgery of tweeting all day. I use different IFTTT recipes for automating Twitter handle.

Get chrome extensions to run IFTTT recipes


I read articles on Feedly, use Instapaper to send tweet instantaneously, Buffer extension to schedule tweets for the best time and Pocket extension to keep articles for future use. Learn how can you make use of chrome extensions to save time.

Sign up for a premium Twitter management tools for their free trials


I have no money to spend on these services and I keep at least one service in its free trial. When the subscription expires, I sign up for another service. They help me in automating DMs, twitter interactions and get an analytical insight. Almost all tools provide a helpful dashboard. I use unfollower-stats to unfollow people who don’t follow me back

Be visual


Use free tools like Canva, Adobe Spark to create appealing visual media. There are sites like Pixabay and Freepik, which let you download amazing pictures for free and in HD. Use emojis often, not always. Create visuals with beautiful fonts and post them at your Facebook page or Instagram handle. You can use Phonto app to create social media posts for free.

Be nice and be respectful


Don’t get overboard with automation or start spamming. People should get a feel that you are a human and not a bot. Don’t follow just everybody. And most importantly -like, comment, share and follow. After all, you are also in need.

Download links to important tools twitter-strategies-and-tools

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