Phonto: The best text-on-photo app

How to add a beautiful text over a photo? How to add snapchat like caption over a photo?

Are these the questions that you have searched on the internet often? Then Phonto is for you.

If you create a lot of social media posts, then you are going to love this simple, no fuss app. I have tried some ten photo text apps and Phonto is stealing the show.

  1. Phonto is incredibly cheap. With $3.00 you can have the Image pack and add free option
  2. You can install your own fonts over and above 200 inbuilt fonts
  3. You can change color, shadow, curve and size of the text
  4. Phonto does only one thing- adds text. No unnecessary jazz

Here are two Instagram posts that I created using Phonto


As you can see, the pictures don’t pixelate and have remarkable clarity.

Find my other Instagram posts

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