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Use of Google Chrome extensions for organised reading

Fact 1: Thousands of informative articles are published online each second

Fact 2: Attention span of an average reader has shrunk to 8 second
How can one become an organised reader while combating the above-mentioned constraints?

By using simple workflow of an RSS reader and 3 Google Chrome extensions, your reading can be organised significantly. For absolutely free.

5 Steps, yes it is that simple

1.    Sign up for Feedly or any other RSS reader and add the sources of your favourite content. For example, I want to read content from Mari Smith’s blog , Jeffbulla’s blog and Mashable
2.    Organise your RSS feed into tags or feed streams. Add numbered prefix to the stream. For example, my feed streams are 1 Marketing Automation, 2 Social Media and so on. The number reflects the level of priority I attach to the given streams
3.    Install Google Chrome Extensions Instapaper, Pocket and Google Dictionary Dictionary extension comes handy when you feel lazy to copy-paste the word to Thesaurus
4.    Start reading with the stream numbered as 1, because it matters to you the most. If an article interests you so much that you go on reading it till the end, save it in Pocket. Tag the article with a relevant category word, so that you can search it later. For example, I start with 1 Marketing Automation and read an article completely. I would now save the article in Pocket and add the tag ‘marketing measurement’
5.    If the article is something that you should read but you are not enough interested at that moment, just save it in Instapaper. Now when Pinterest has made Instapaper Premium available to everyone, it is time to harness its useful features (find some of those here ).When you brim with reading enthusiasm, you can go back to Instapaper and read the article

Bonus point: I tag paparazzi and conspiracy theory stories as KMT (Killing My Time) in Pocket. I skim through these stories in high distraction ambience like Metro. It saves my quiet time for professionally important stories.

You can also use the same workflow to automatically post content at social media


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