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Innovative ways of using Facebook Ads

As of the second quarter of 2016, Facebook had 1.71 billion monthly active users, that is 23% of the world population. This statistic would make any business want to tap facebook. Facebook ads are now a staple in any business house, but there are ways that would multiply your reach.

Facebook Lead Ads

People are lazy to fill detailed forms and facebook lead ads facilitate customers to complete forms with just a few taps. Hence oversimplifying the task of collecting lead information. The chosen audience can opt to sign for newsletters, request product demos,be updated about running offers, get a quote and more. The lead ads are highly customisable. There is a strict policy to restrict sharing of user information and the array of fields for information collection. By making it smartphone friendly facebook has ensured that people can remain on the couch while the ad automatically populates their data.

The lead ads have to be synchronised with a CRM solution with an integrated marketing platform like Marketo and Salesforce. Leads can be collected as and when generated by setting up a custom integration between the CRM and facebook API.

Land Rover could observe a four-time reduction in cost per lead compared to previous social lead generation tactics. Lead collection is now more of tap and less of type.

Lear more here

Custom Audience

It is smart to invest where the return is guaranteed. With a custom audience, one can target the customer base which is already familiar with the business. Just upload a list of email addresses or phone numbers and the ad will be delivered only to those accounts which match the information provided. This is a tactic to have higher chances of good ROI as the customer has already done business with you and is more likely to incline for another purchase. Exclude the people who already liked your page or offer them a lucrative discount , a lot of combinations are possible.

Offline conversion API

Not all businesses sell online and it was difficult for them to correlate the dollar spent on an ad with the one generated in the store. With Offline conversion API, the merchants can match the data from their own database with that of facebook ads i.e. facebook can help merchants to analyse the number of customers who viewed the facebook ads and who actually spent a dollar in the physical establishment. A third party integration can make this data decipherable and actionable to a business. This ‘offline’ term is not restricted to traditional merchants, rather it is a term for all conversions happening via channels that are not directly measured via facebook.

Argentine retailer Frávega could gain additional $2.20 in their physical establishment for each dollar of e-commerce revenue generated from facebook ad.


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