Landing Page Design: 3 Most important factors to consider

Landing pages [LP] are the webpages which act as a factory to convert website visitors (raw material) into known leads (product with monetary value).

Various factors affect this process of conversion and all of them are optimised for the best result under the name ‘Conversion Optimization’.

The process of conversion starts when somebody visits your website by clicking on a call-to-action button (the button is basically an image and/or text along with a link to LP). The CTA button can be anywhere at the web (blog/social media/forum comment).

The LP has some offer (download of an e-book/ free demo/ free trial/ free consultation) for which the website visitor will trade some of his information (e-mail, title, name, industry, position, phone number etc.)

LP are the center of Inbound Marketing. HubSpot research has found that companies with 30 or more landing pages generate seven times more leads than companies that have less than 10 landing pages.

VividBoard increased conversions from 2% to 27% (a 1250% lift) with a simple, high-converting landing page.

Some great examples of a good landing page design

3 Most important factors to consider before designing a landing page

  1. Conversion Rate Goal: What is the percentage of people who would be ready to trade their information for the offer? Inflating this goal can hurt if you do not meet it at the end of the quarter and understating it won’t let you harvest the total potential. So arrive at your conversion rate goal by analysing available data and consulting sales team. Sales team will have the ratio SQL/MQL (How many Sales Qualified Leads are generated per Marketing Qualified Lead). A realistic goal would be 15-20%.
  2. Alignment of the campaign with the offer: For which campaign you are designing a landing page? Is it brand awareness campaign or lead generation campaign? The LP should make an offer which aligns with the goal of the campaign.
  3. Alignment of offer with buyer’s journey: What stage your buyer is? Is he in awareness stage? Or in Consideration or Decision Stage? A person who wants to buy your product will not trade information for a how-to ebook.

Features to optimise for a high converting landing page

  1. Text: Keep text concise and clear. Politely state in 150 words what is your offer and how would it help. Title of the offer should relate to the offer directly.
  2. Web elements: Avoid navigation menu at LP. Keep unnecessary webpage elements away to prevent distraction.
  3. Color theme: Color theme should align with the brand and the offer: The LP should belong to the company even if it stands alone.
  4. Visuals: Be it an image or video, the visuals should align with the offer and the brand.
  5. Size: Full screen or small window.

There is no thumb rule for optimising these factors. You will have to do A/B testing to find out what works for you and what doesn’t.

As Kissmetrics blog states,

Landing Page That C.O.N.V.E.R.T.S.

C = Clear Call to Action
O = Offer
= Narrow Focus
V = VIA: Very Important Attributes
E = Effective Headline
R = Resolution-Savvy Layout
= Tidy Visuals
S = Social Proof

Read what Neil Patel tells about design of high converting pages

Read what Neil Patel states about essential elements of a high converting landing page





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