Content Marketing: 2 biggest mistakes of beginners

We all begin somewhere. And some mistakes are so obvious that they are almost bound to happen.

Below are the 2 biggest mistakes committed by the beginners in Content Marketing,

Not doing Persona Research

Persona research involves creating the personality of your ideal customer. Your ideal customer would be someone who is 100% interested in consuming your content and taking a desirable action.

For example, persona for the Content Marketing of a premium camping resort in India will be something like,

Demography: Located within 100 km

Income: More than $1500 per month (so that a vacation of 3 nights and 2 days at the resort which costs at least $400 is within his reach)

Relationship status: Married/ In a relationship (a single person will not be eager for a premium resort)

Age: 30-45 years (easily deductible from income)

Education: Graduate and above

Interests: Luxury, offbeat experiences, passionate towards nature and adventure

Consumption Channel: Facebook, Instagram, Luxury Magazine

While Content Marketing for a Marketing Automation SaaS vendor located in the US would need extensive segmentation.

For example, the Content Creator for an awareness campaign for the same company would generate a content for a persona with following attributes

Market: JAPA

Client Business Model: B2B product

Industry: Financial Services

Size of company: 100-150 employees

Age: 30-55 years

Annual Revenue: $10-50M

Role: Senior Executive

Pain Point: Costly Marketing Automation Software purchased a year ago

Consumption Channel: Tech Blogs, LinkedIn, Medium

That is, persona research has segmentation according to the offering.

Mostly beginners don’t see Persona Research as a big deal and end up creating content which doesn’t convert.

Not following 40:60 rule

40% of your time should go in creating content and 60% in promoting it. Now persona research is important here too. You need to promote the content at the right channel.

Your content might be revolutionary but unless you are an established personality, the content will be lost in the noise.

Beginners sometimes sit down after creating content, while they should be at their toes till the piece reaches the right audience.

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