A plain text has far less chance to score against 8 second attention span. Social media posts and content for marketing should be rich in visuals to make a lasting impact on the customer. I create visuals optimized for different social platforms.

Adobe Spark Page

With Adobe Spark one can create a beautiful webpage, which can be used for promotional content or just as an e-brochure. It serves as a tool to drive traffic to a given website. Owl


Brick and mortar businesses like hospitality industry can’t do without a hard copy brochure. A trifold brochure is handy for a customer who seeks quick information about the business.

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Infographic serves as a hypervisual mini manual and is easy to include in a website or share at social media.

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Have a look at how infographics add mojo to a webpage here


e-card is the most flexible visual medium and can be used at WhatsApp, Social Media, and e-mail marketing. A similar format is used for business cards.

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