Personal Projects


Quora is to whom I owe it all. It started with answering questions pertaining to life, science and womanhood. Later it grew to be a huge following and bagging Top Writer 2015.

I wrote about Diabetes and its taboos . I wrote about challenges in life and so on.

I am a movie enthusiast and I realized that I can write movie reviews too. My reviews for Skyfall and Antman got recognition from Quora C-suite itself!

I also reviewed a book, started community about Biology and Marketing technology. It has always been an educating experience.

I also wrote about celebrities and movies. Not always a brainiac you see 🙂


I was doing a B2B project and to keep up with Instagram I started a handle Working Woman Moods . It has been mildly successful and I wish to make it bigger in future. It helps me in keeping up with social post creation tools.

Social Causes

I have an interest in writing against taboos. I did at Quora about gay rights , vitiligo , censorship and woman rights . I did the guest blog for Child Free by Choice. The blog also featured at Scoop Whoop


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