The Glen Appliances Project

Glen Appliances was one of the most challenging projects I did. It had a tight timeline and plethora of tasks to do.

Glen Appliances is a brick and mortar establishment which also sells online. They have their own manufacturing unit. They sell premium home appliances.

There were three modules to deliver- Repurposing Web Content, Product Descriptions, Blog Posts for the Chimney Campaign

Repurposing Web Content

I am a grammar nazi and I believe Grammar is more than just using tools like Grammarly or Ginger. I manually skimmed the whole website for Grammar and contextual errors. The whole web content had to be repurposed for increasing readability.

Product Descriptions

Writing product descriptions for home appliances is tricky. It is highly likely that the customer has already seen tens of other brands while you have seconds to capture his attention. Too artsy or too technical or too generic content will let your customer go. There is a delicate balance.

The persona was

  1. Married female
  2. Age 23-45 years
  3. Affluent and educated
  4. Resident of NCR, India
  5. Interests: Online shopping, Organic food, home cooking, healthy cooking

There were 40 products and time of 3 weeks!

Some of the product descriptions are,

Slow Juicer, PTC Heaters, Designer Hood Chimneys

Blog Posts

Blog post for a small or medium business has to be subtle to avoid appearing like a pushy salesman. Also, it should have right cadence and lingo for the target audience. The customers have the attention span of less than a minute and a boring prologue will shoo them away.

An exhaustive list of long tail keywords was created. The aim was to use the keywords naturally and hence keyword density was not too much stressed upon.

Some of the blog posts are,

Chimney: Must have for your kitchenGlen Cooktops: For an extraordinary culinary experienceHow to use your food processor smartly?Built in induction hobs: Cook savories in style

P.S. While I try to keep the links updated, it might be a possibility that some link appears broken due to website maintenance at the client’s end.


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