The Pupkart Products Project

Writing product descriptions for an e-commerce platform requires a specific protocol

  1. Understanding products
  2. Competition research
  3. Making long tail keywords
  4. Including call to action sentiment

Pupkart is an online shopping start-up for pet supplies. Writing descriptions about their products was not easy, as I had little experience with pets. So it involved a lot of research, as to what a human would be looking when shopping for his pet.

The project had 18 product categories and 50+ products to be covered. But it was fun.

2 examples of description for the product category,

Dog health care products: for your healthy pet

Dog grooming

& 2 examples of the product descriptions

Dog Diapers

Dog plush toy

I also did Social Media Management for Pupkart for their first lead generation campaign

P.S. While I try to keep the links updated, it might be a possibility that some link appears broken due to website maintenance at the client’s end.


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